• Child Protection Center Benefit Scarf

Child Protection Center Benefit Scarf

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Erin Shriver of Loca Lola Textile Designs and Travis Franklin of Sarasota's Oddity Tattoo have collaborated to create this beautiful silk scarf to raise money and awareness for the Child Protection Center (CPC).

Travis's artwork and his quote that wraps around the scarf highlights the challenges, devastation and HOPE that abused and neglected children face right here in Sarasota. "When your own blood corrupts you, you understand complete loneliness and exile. Hopelessness becomes your virtue and fear is your leader. If we can help these kids early on, they have a far better chance of having a normal good life. They will never get back what they have lost, but they can gain the tools to deal with it early on.”

All proceeds from the sale of this scarf go to Child Protection Center of Sarasota
Loca Lola Gives
100% silk 
36 x 36 inches

Care: dry clean only

Thank you for supporting the Child Protection Center of Sarasota.


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