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Erin Shriver and Loca Lola

Erin Shriver ~ Designer and Artist

The goal is to create small run, well made clothing and accessories which are unique to the brand. To offer variety with ever changing options in order to keep not only the customer excited but to also keep the brand exciting. It's a depot for the creative outpouring of the designer who admittedly can be a little ADD which is why the only thing produced en masse is the artistic expression. Variety is, after all, the spice of life they say.

Obsessed with surface patterns and fabric, Erin Shriver began Loca Lola simply by creating art that she wanted to transform into something tangible for others to enjoy. Today her patterns adorn everything from resortwear and throw pillows to furniture upholstery and cute little handbags. Quality in all aspects being the main goal.

Erin's artwork is meticulously created utilizing a variety of mediums including watercolor, silk dyes, acrylic paintings, screen prints, simple or complex drawings and ink. Some of her work is done directly on fabric resulting in gorgeous original textiles to be transformed into resortwear or pillows, while other works are digitized and reproduced for small batch goods ranging from upholstery fabrics to cheeky beach and resortwear.

Either way, when you purchase from Loca Lola, you can be sure that you are receiving a limited edition, little bit of luxury labored with a whole lot of love.

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